Gas Flow Analysers from IMT Analytics

High Quality Flow Analysers from IMT Analytics

High-quality gas Flow Analysers to verify ICU Ventilators
Many customers are using the IMT Analytics Flow Analyser to test their ICU ventilators. With this Gas Flow Analyzer you can test essential performance of respirators like volume, pressure and flow accuracy. Further it measures gas flow temperature, humidity and oxygen concentration. The Flow Analyser measures also various breath-based respiratory parameters and anesthetic agents.

The Flow Analyser PF-300 is the Gold Standard Flow Analyser in use with ventilators from Vyaire, SLE, Maquet, Draeger and Puritan Bennett (Covidien).

IMT Analytics and Chivaune Technologies are committed to providing secure and reliable ventilator testing. Ensuring a high level of patient safety remains our highest priority, always.

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Gas Flow Analysers from IMT Analytics


IMT Analytics Citrex H5 Gas Flow with App

This new 2nd generation analyser has been updated with a precise vacuum sensor for testing medical vacuum systems: The high pressure port measurement range is now -1 to 10 bar with an accuracy of +1% or +7mbar.



Additionally, with Software V4.12, new apps are released for fast testing of Monnal T40, T50 and T60 ventilators from Air Liquide.


You can use the CITREX H5 gas flow analyser to test a wide variety of medical devices such as ventilators and anesthesia machines, oxygen flow meters, pressure gauges and suction devices. The CITREX H5 is supplied in a complete set with test lung, FlowLab, protector, adapters, web server and more.
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