Gas FlowAnalyser PRO IMT Analytics

Meet the new Gas FlowAnalyser PRO by IMT Analytics

PF-300 just got better! The new Gas FlowAnalyser PRO is a premium bench-top ventilator tester for engineers and health care professionals with a beautiful, high resolution easy to use, multi-touch user interface that is completely configurable. With ultimate performance and configurability, the FlowAnalyser PRO enables a wide range of professional to push the limits of what is possible.

Thanks to its extreme precision and reliability, the FlowAnalyser PRO is capable of testing a wide range of medical devices such as respiratory and anaesthesia devices, oxygen flow meters, pressure gauges, suction devices, pneumatic systems and Capnography monitors.

It incorporates unique automatic breath detection, a remote-control interface, data storage, internal battery, and FlowLab, the high-end PC-based Software tool.


Gas FlowAnalyser PRO by IMT Analytics distributed by Chivaune Technologies in Australia



Apps with Test Sequences

Run tests easier and faster with IMT Analytics apps. The FlowAnalyser PRO ventilator tester supports you with apps for testing and calibrating many devices. The apps enable safe and fast testing. Entire test sequences are displayed with images and texts and measured automatically. The test results are recorded in a PDF report, which can be signed directly on the screen.


  • Remote Control via USB or RS232
  • Pairs with IMT Analytics Anesthesia Gas Sensor
  • Utilizes IMT Analytics Test Lungs

Automatic Breath Detection 

Measure breath based respiratory parameters with automatic trigger detection for conventional and high frequency medical ventilators.

Quality & Reporting 

  • Accredited ISO 17025 Calibration
  • FlowLab PC Software Reporting tool
  • Test Sequence Editor
  • Data Recording


Scope of Delivery

There are 3 options available: FlowAnalyser PF-300 PRO, FlowAnalyser PF-300 PRO Biomedical Test-Set ‘Ventilation’ and FlowAnalyser PF-300 PRO Biomedical Test-Set ‘Ventilation & Anaesthesia.


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