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Connectivity and Integration with the DaTrend Rugged 2

Using separate equipment to carry out different tests manually is now a thing of the past. Datrend’s Vision-Pad (vPad) Platform is designed from the start to work as a complete, integrated solution!

The vPad system allows you to use and control almost the entire line of Datrend test equipment, as well as some 3rd party (non Datrend) test equipment, directly from Datrend’s Electrical Safety Analyzers*. This means running of autosequences – for Electrical Safety testing, Defibrillator testing, ESU testing, Patient Simulation, Ventilator testing, advanced user defined checklists, and more – can all be operated from a single device through a single user interface.

Tracking and Reporting
Tracking of other test equipment used (ie. Multimeter, Oscilloscope) and printing of PM labels are configurable, too. The test results from all these test instruments are then automatically combined into a single test report. An available equipment management App (vPad-EQM) can further enhance the user experience by managing a database of equipment, their asset information, Preventive Maintenance (PM) schedules, user defined PM procedures, and the ability to generate Work Orders.

For larger organisations, the vPad Platform also integrates with a wide range of commercially available Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) Systems . This is the perfect scenario for organisations already with a system in place, who want to automate their workflow. Using an integration App, users can download equipment, procedures, and/or work orders directly onto the vPad system to carry out their daily tasks. The completed records/reports are then seamlessly uploaded back onto the CMMS Systems.

We have both Rugged 2 and Phase 3 Demo units available and provide local calibration services of these biomedical instruments in Australia and New Zealand. Find out more.  

*Support for vPad-ES/ES 2/Rugged/Rugged 2