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Gaumard® designs, manufactures and sells industry- leading simulation based healthcare workforce training solutions for hospitals, universities, emergency medical services and military services worldwide.

Gaumard® products are sold in over 70 countries through a network of direct sales and authorised distributors. With over 75 years of healthcare simulation experience, Gaumard continues to deliver on its commitment to providing clients with innovative solutions, world-class service and exceptional value.

Featured Products

Victoria S2200 Neonatal Care Patient Simulator Gaumard Scientific

VICTORIA® S2200 – Wireless and Tetherless, Maternal & Neonatal Care Patient Simulator. 

Package: S2200.PK

From early pregnancy complications, high risk deliveries and postpartum emergencies to non-gravid scenarios for general nursing care, Victoria® simulates a full range of obstetrical events to facilitate teamwork and deepen critical thinking skills in learners of all levels. More than a childbirth simulator, Victoria® is a complete simulation solution developed from decades of obstetrical experience. It is a comprehensive package of tools and support designed to help improve patient safety in women health through education and training.

Paediatric HAL® S225 – Wireless and Tetherless, Paediatric Patient Simulator. 

Package: S2225.PK

Paediatric HAL® is the worlds most advanced paediatric simulator and the first capable of simulating lifelike emotions through dynamic expressions, movement and speech. HAL® is designed to help providers of all levels develop the specialised skills needed to effectively communicate, diagnose and treat young patients in nearly all clinical areas.

SUPER TORY S2220 Advanced Newborn Patient Simulator Gaumard Scientific

SUPER TORY® S2220 – Advanced Newborn Patient Simulator. 

Package: S2220.PK

Super Tory® is the first newborn simulator developed to meet the challenges of neonatal care specialist training in real environments. Active movement, true ventilator support, real patient monitoring and all-day battery life. These are just a few of the revolutionary new capabilities which allow Super Tory® to simulate complex pathologies and respond to interventions with unparalleled realism.

Premie HAL S2209 30 week Premature Infant Patient Simulator - Gaumard Scientific

Premie HAL® S2209 30-Week Premature Infant Patient Simulator 

Package: S2209.PK

The Premie HAL® S2209 is a lifelike, wireless and tetherless 30-week preterm patient simulator designed to facilitate the training of residents and healthcare professionals in the areas of preterm airway management, resuscitation, stabilisation, transport and intensive care.

SUSIE S2000 Advanced Nursing Care Patient Simulator and SLE Educational Package

SUSIE® S2000 – Advanced Nursing Care Patient Simulator and SLE Educational Package 

Package: S2000.PK

SUSIE® is an advanced, wireless and tetherless patient simulator and learning resource solution designed to facilitate the delivery of effective and realistic simulation learning experiences to nursing learners of all levels. SUSIE includes everything you need for rapid integration into your nursing curricula in one easy-to-use package.

HAL s3201 advanced multipurpose Patient Simulator Gaumard Scientific

HAL® S3201 – Advanced Multipurpose Patient Simulator

Package: S3201.PK

The Hal® 3201 simulator sets a global standard for medical human patient simulation. Tetherless simulator technology allows the communications, compressor, and power supply to be inside HAL®, eliminating external tubes, wires, and compressors. HAL® operates continuously during transport and training can occur in the working environment. Rush HAL® from the accident scene to the ER, to the ICU, while care providers diagnose and treat his condition using real monitoring and resuscitation equipment. Control HAL® at distances up to 900 Ft. (300 m) and between rooms and floors of conventional buildings. HAL® smoothly transitions between physiologic states in response to commands from a wireless PC.


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