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Experience Immersive Learning – VR without the headset.

Introducing our new interactive Simulation Spaces.


An Immersive Space is a valuable teaching tool for special education that allows pupils to experience learning in new ways, while fully supporting the curriculum. Its multi-sensory experiences also make the space perfect for relaxation and re-regulation.

In the Patient Simulation technology space we are proud to partner with Immersive Reality to create exciting real world learning experiences in the healthcare, education and special needs sectors in Australia and New Zealand.

Customised virtual reality technology solutions designed for real world learning with the potential to enhance and transform lives. VR without the headsets provides inclusive, accessible and affordable educational experiences and positive learning outcomes for participants. These interactive spaces can be designed and implemented for any special needs, education or healthcare environment based on users requirements.

Easy to use immersive reality  Immersive spaces - Chivaune Technologies


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